Why Do Witches Fly on Brooms


Cristiana Radu was shortlisted with this illustration in the World Illustration Awards 2017 in the children’s book category.





Illustrations for “Why do Witches fly on brooms? (and other 10 fantastical questions)” by Adina Rosetti, Curtea Veche Publishing House, 2016. The book is a series of humorous short stories that bring into nowadays characters from fairytales world.

Children like to ask funny questions, so they deserve the most imaginative answers. Why do witches fly on brooms? Why do monsters do not like sweets? What if Prince Charming would give up his magical horse for a car? What if elves would go to schools and study… maths? What if dragons would try to accommodate themselves in a block of flats? What happens to a frog who doesn’t get kissed by a princess? Magical characters from classical tales are reinvented and reinterpreted as contemporary characters in a funny way. The result is a witty and interactive book in which children are encouraged to answer funny questions, to write and draw.

Awards: Winner, Most Beautiful Children’s Book, „The Most Beautiful Books In Romania” Competition, 2016;

The book was selected in „The White Raven” catalogue for 2017, a renowned Selection of International Children’s and Youth Literature.