Stardust. Madison perfumery winter show-window









The drawings above constituted the background for the winter 2012-2013 show-window of the Madison luxury perfumery from Bucharest. The design and concept work was performed by Alina Dobre from .care?Cutare. I made the drawing for the cosmic landscape and the sketches for the characters following closely her instructions.

It’s a shop window that follows the trend started by the big department stores like (Selfridges, Macy’s, Lafayette, Bloomingdale …) who replaced products and mannequins for the Christmas display with fairy tales reproduced with the help of miniature scale or real size characters, props and display ambient.
The shop windows props were made of : tulle, lace, sequins, buttons, beads and some feathers. The characters were made of cotton, silk, organza. Moon of paper, wire, lace, organic, crochet, sequins, glass beads, mohair. The illustration background and trees on poles were printed on canvas.