Tattooed Books


Small drawing for “Tattooed Books” – an online campaign launched by De Basm Association. It is inspired by the book entitled “poveste nepovestita”/”untold story” by Ruxandra Berindei.

Every book we loved tattooed our soul for ever, leaving invisible traces that helped us become who we are today.

A drawing or a line of text about a book we cherished most in our childhood is to be sent to De Basm until 25th October, along with a short motivation. Most endearing answers will receive, what else, ones of the most beautiful books of today’s Romanian children’s books.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017





I am proud for being charged this year with the design of the Romanian pavilion at Bologna Children’s Book fair 2017. Above there is a series of flowers I made on this occasion. My colleagues also brought all kind of small painted cardboards. I particularly liked the big flyes. They were made by Emi Balint, as well as the pinky pigs.

You cand find more images from the fair here: