Miss Day-After-Tomorrow and the Game of Time





Illustrations for “Miss Day-after-tomorrow and the game of Time” / “Domnisoara Poimaine si joaca de-a Timpul”, by Adina Rosetti, Curtea Veche Publishing House, 2014.

The protagonist, the Great Time Magician, together with his family and his helpers, conjures the abstract time-terms and directs their actions in a universe of its own. Mr Today, old Mrs Yesterday, Miss Day-After-Tomorrow, witch Never and elf Ever – all meet together in this funny story when suddenly Time begins to flow faster than usually, as all children dream to when they are small and eager to grow up faster. What time is, what it means and which philosophical ideas are connected with it are topics to be pondered for a long time. The book succeeds in making terms like “yesterday”, “today”, “tomorrow”, “never” and “sometime” or “back then” more concrete, so that they may find their way into children’s understandings, by embedding questions and answers about time in a fairytale story.

Awards: Winner, Most Beautiful Children’s Book, „The Most Beautiful Books In Romania” Competition, 2014;

Winner, Best Children’s Book category, „Ready to Print” Competition, 2015;

The book was selected in „The White Raven” catalogue for 2015, a renowned Selection of International Children’s and Youth Literature.