Lumea lui DEM






DEM – Dem Demetrescu (1903-1977) was a prolific Romanian painter, illustrator, illustrator and photographer. He was one of the founders of book illustration in Romania, and a pioneer of the Romanian animation film.

Adrian Buga republishes today a series of his books, edited in impeccable graphic conditions by Square Media. To the known series, he adds a new one, conceived as a dialogue in time between his text, DEM’s drawings and my own drawings, an effort to recuperate and present his work and his universe to nowadays children.

Tattooed Books


Small drawing for “Tattooed Books” – an online campaign launched by De Basm Association. It is inspired by the book entitled “poveste nepovestita”/”untold story” by Ruxandra Berindei.

Every book we loved tattooed our soul for ever, leaving invisible traces that helped us become who we are today.

A drawing or a line of text about a book we cherished most in our childhood is to be sent to De Basm until 25th October, along with a short motivation. Most endearing answers will receive, what else, ones of the most beautiful books of today’s Romanian children’s books.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017




I am proud for being charged this year with the design of the Romanian pavilion at Bologna Children’s Book fair 2017. Above there is a series of flowers I made on this occasion. My colleagues also brought all kind of small painted cardboards. I particularly liked the big flyes. They were made by Emi Balint, as well as the pinky pigs.

You cand find more images from the fair here: