Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2017





I am proud for being charged this year with the design of the Romanian pavilion at Bologna Children’s Book fair 2017. Above there is a series of flowers I made on this occasion. My colleagues also brought all kind of small painted cardboards. I particularly liked the big flyes. They were made by Emi Balint, as well as the pinky pigs.

You cand find more images from the fair here:

Sketches for a book project



Two drawings I’ve recently done for a book project that depicts the relation between a father and his beloved son, showing the tender and almost surreal universe of the little boy.

I tried to decipher the transition between the “real world”, the adult one, and the colourful and playful universe of the little boy. I also wanted to show the surreal permeability of a children’s world and the way his father, a poet himself, protect this universe, so fragile and beautiful.